The Ultimate Audio Shootout

I have 5 microphones in my arsenal that I use regularly. Those five microphones are the Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro, the Rode NTG-2, the Zoom H4N, the Sony UTX-B03, and the Rode Filmmaker Microphone.

All of these microphones are great and should be careful selected based on the specific scenario you are in. If you are doing something more run-n-gun I would use the Rode StereoMic Pro or the NTG-2; they both offer great portability and give good sound quality. When using these two microphones it is important to monitor the sound and environment. For interviews I tend to go with the lavalier microphone option. Both the Rode and the sony are good, but I think the Sony works better.

Take a listen to my sound test and let me know which microphone you think has the best sound quality.

August 24, 2017

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