Welcome to the Black Film Guild, a non-profit organization ignited by the collective spirit of passionate artists. Rooted in the dynamic City of Oakland, the Black Film Guild is a 100% vollunteer organization with over 500 local artists, determined to shape a brighter future for aspiring filmmakers and creators.

At its heart, the Black Film Guild is a hub of education, dedicated to nurturing local bay area talent and equipping them with the technical expertise required to thrive in the world of photography and filmmaking. Within its walls, aspiring artists find themselves immersed in an enriching experience, guided by seasoned professionals and empowered with hands-on training. With a vast array of motion picture film equipment, cutting-edge cameras, and state-of-the-art lighting, the Guild provides the perfect canvas for artistic minds to flourish and unleash their creative potential.

More than just imparting skills, the Black Film Guild embraces a profound mission - to ensure that each member is prepared to engage in discussions about cameras and filmmaking at the highest level of proficiency. This dedication to excellence redefines the landscape of creativity and storytelling, igniting a passion for authentic representation and diverse narratives within the film industry.

Through empowering workshops, job training initiatives, comprehensive online courses, and personalized in-person tutoring, the Black Film Guild extends its transformative influence to local communities in the Bay Area. We write. We shoot. We cut. We learn.